Peignoir Sets – Dirty Or Demure? How to Use the Power of the Peignoir in the Boudoir and the Bedroom

Not sure what a peignoir set is? Literally the word means a robe that you wear when combing your hair, so any type of robe or dressing gown is actually a peignoir, it doesn’t have to be transparent. A peignoir set is one where the nightgown and the robe match in some way, they are usually the same color and made of the same materials.

Peignoir sets are usually associated with romance and are the number one choice for brides preparing for their honeymoon. Typically white and often made from chiffon or silk and trimmed with some form of lace, bridal peignoir sets can be very demure, but with the right accessories you can use the power of the peignoir, especially the transparent peignoir, for a rather different effect.

To turn your bedroom into a boudoir, remember that catching a glimpse of something is always more tantalising than seeing the whole thing. Anticipation is key. The more you wear, the more there is to unwrap. Wear your peignoir set as a whole when you want to look demure, wear the peignoir itself over your other lingerie when you want to tease, wear the peignoir and the nightgown over something daring and you’ll have an ensemble to remember. And each time he see’s you wearing it, he’ll wonder which variation you’d decided to go for tonight.

If you have a pink peignoir set, why not wear the robe over a brief black teddy, or a boudoir bra and pants, with a pink trimmed garter belt and long black stockings. Pink and black make a wonderful combination – naughty but feminine all at the same time.

If you have a white peignoir set you can get a very interesting effect from wearing it over flesh colored undies – you’ll look as though you’re naked underneath, but there will still be a layer to unwrap. Done well, it’s enough to drive anyone to distraction.

But there are other ways to use the power of peignoir. Many women have a connection in their minds between luxury and sex so a luxury peignoir set is ideal for setting your mood, even if it may be far too demure for his liking.

There’s nothing quite like a long sweeping nightgown in fine linen and lace to put you in a fantasy mood – so from time to time forget cheap nylon and feed your fantasies; go for something luxurious, a simple chemise with a soft lace trim that can be worn off the shoulder has a wonderful romantic period feel to it, and who knows what you may be wearing underneath?

Source by Lesley Charalambides

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