Great Known and Unknown Martial Arts Masters

Great Martial Artists

There are a number of great martial arts. Many of whom who even thou they may not be widely known by the world they are still at the top of their craft. These are men and women that have meet the challenge. These martial artists have what we call it. They are martial artist that have great levels of knowledge, great levels of skill, true passion for the martial arts and the ability to share their knowledge with others in ways that makes their students passionate about the martial arts. These are just a few of the great martial artist that I have had the honor to know and meet in my life time. These martial arts have training in the styles of karate, jujutsu, sword, sticks, blade and more. Even those so are no longer with us their spirits are still with us and they will live forever through their students and those of us that have been honored to have and have had the opportunity to train. These people also have black belt level students under them.

Master Kanryu Higashionna – Karate

Master Chogun Miyagi – Karate

Master Gogen Yamaguchi – Japanese Goju Karate

Late O Sensei, Master Morihei Uyeshiba – Aikido

Master Richard Kim – Karate

Sensei Mas Oyama – Karate

Shinan Antonio Pereira – Founder of the Mi-Yama Ryu Jujutsu system

Grand Master Peter G. Urban – Founder of American GoJu Ryu Karate

Grand Master Skipper – Founder Bermuda Karate Institute

Grand Master Sekwii Sha – Founder of Shanando Ryu

Master Frank Ruiz – Founder of Nesei Goju Ryu Karate

Master Earl Monroe – Nesei Goju Karate

Professor Florendo M. Vistacion – Founder of Vee-Jitsu & Vee Arnis Ryu,

Grand Master Reno N. Morales – Shijitsu – Jissen – Karate Jutsu

Hanshi Thomas Bennett – House of Goju Ryu Karate

Shinan Hector Negron – Founder of San Yama Bushi Jujutsu

Shihan Reginaldo Brown – Combat Jujutsu Combination Builders

Shihan David Colon – San Yama Bushi Jujutsu

Shihan Darlene DeFour – Harlem Jujutsu

Shihan Gary Gione – Elite Defensive Tactics

Sensei David Drawdy – Japanese Sword

Master Chris Columbo – Kumite Ryu Jujutsu

Shuseki Shihan William Oliver – Seido Karate

Professor Mose Powell – Founder of Sanuce Ryu Jujitsu

Grand Master John (Little John) Davis – Founder of Kumite Ryu Jujitsu

Grand Master Chaka Zulu – Founder of Zujitsu Ryu

Grand Master E.R. Spruiell – Scorpion System of Judo & Ju-Jitsu

Grand Master John Woodbury – Goju Karate

Hanshi Steven Malanoski – Founder of ShobuDo GoJu Jitsu Kai

Hanshi James Price – Founder of Martial Combative Dojo

The story of martial arts is one of determination, respect, and loyalty. It transcends race, culture, age and politics. Our society is a multimillion dollar culture driven high paid athletes, recording artists, movie stars etc., predominates and unconsciously defines for our youth what is considered a legacy. Honestly, we can all benefit in some way knowing about the martial arts and all the great martial artist. We do not know what the next day may bring. Grand Master Peter G. Urban said, “Today Is Now.” With that in mind, “It starts today”. You are never to old to start your martial arts training. All ages will benefit from martial arts.

There are many true legends living in our mist. Find them and do not wait for their passing to tell their story. They are the foundation of the present, and the inspiration for our future generations. Like some of these, artist listed, their effects positive, they are doers, rather than talkers. How do you know them? The real ones do not care where you place in their article or interviews on TV or in a magazine, web sites, instead they care about the meaning and the substance of the article. They care about their students and arts. These people work, have families, and struggle just like everyone else. Despite, their rise to a higher levels and show us the power and beauty of the martial arts, every day.

No one lives for ever and some people are born yet never really live. These people will live forever as they have shared their spirits and helped many. Martial arts is not about belts or ranks. Martial arts it is about training and inner growth and development.

Source by Z Bennett

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