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“There I was, in the middle of my fist Black Belt test at the tender age of 22 ready to begin the Random Assault Drill. They were circling me, attackers with knives, bats, clubs and guns, but I was ready. I had been training for years. The panel of sensei watched me, Ross, Cestari, Blandino, …
Not sure what a peignoir set is? Literally the word means a robe that you wear when combing your hair, so any type of robe or dressing gown is actually a peignoir, it doesn’t have to be transparent. A peignoir set is one where the nightgown and the robe match in some way, they are …
The Illusion of Jockdom is an erroneous belief that muscle power is omnipotent in a self-defense, competitive or hostile engagement. A concept often held and promoted by naïve, self-absorbed, testosterone-laden, and clueless young men devoid of any understanding of combat, battle or war, the Illusion of Jockdom usually afflicts men in their teens, twenties and …

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